Dr. Sun

Dr. Sun
07.12.2018 – 05.01.2018
Installation open every
Thursday – Friday from 16:00 to 19:00
Saturday from 10:30 to 14:00
+ by appointment : hypercorps.asbl@gmail.com

Welcome. Find your place. Take your time, as much as you need. Eyes open, eyes closed. Sunglasses? As you wish. Standing, seated, it’s all the same. In silence or speaking, it’s up to you. On the street or indoors, Dr. Sun is there for you.

The day has come for Hypercorps. The longest day. A day without night that will last a month in the darkest heart of winter.

The sun, the real one, is still 150 million kilometres away from us. Producing every second as much energy as humans could consume in a million years. But in winter, its beneficial rays pass us by, so to speak.

As a result, seasonal depression and the sleeping disorders which are produced are normal. We cannot avoid them. That’s why there’s Dr. Sun. For a boost of luminous* well-being . Hedonist, naive and experimental.

But one perpetual day is not the same as another.

Dr. Sun does not dream, like some people do, of a world where we would never sleep. An ever-ready, continuous economy does not interest him. Dr. Sun does not want to replace the sun. Or nature. Dr. Sun is not a covered ski slope in Dubai. He is not an artificial subtropical paradise. He is not a shopping centre open 24 hours a day. He does not ask you to be forever more efficient. Always cheerful, always dashing.

On the contrary.

In a world of ultra-performance, where he would be asked to be ever brighter, ever more generous, Dr. Sun would exhaust himself. Would implode. Would he become a black hole? Or shrivel up into a little black ball? A black ball hitting against the walls and dancing to find a way out.

It is said that in Strasbourg, one day in 1518, a certain Frau Troffea started dancing in the street. Very quickly she was joined by hundreds of men and women. It lasted for weeks. Day and night, without interruption. The rest of the city came to be entertained and watch the inexhaustible dancing crowd… Many of them danced to death.

«The dancing epidemic of 1518» remains unexplained today. Did this crowd dance to escape something? To flee from their own shadow?

Dr. Sun thinks about it sometimes. And it keeps him from sleeping.

Jean-Michel Leclercq

* With a total brightness of 81,400 lumens, Dr. Sun’s 22 neon lights produce full-spectrum light, which is 98 percent true to sun- light. They emit a light dose of UV-A (good for the production of vitamin D) but not UV-B (harmful for the skin and the cornea). They have therapeutic light properties.

Light therapy is used to treat acne, eczema, winter depression, premenstrual syndromes, jetlag and insomnia. It is advisable to expose yourself to the light of these neon lights every day for about 30 minutes at a distance of 70 cm. The further you get from the lamps, the longer the exposure time will be.

Warning: in order not to disturb your circadian rhythm, it is advisable to not stay too long in front of the light before bedtime. Side effects (rather rare): possibility of headaches, restlessness and insomnia.

Light therapy is not recommended for people with bipolar disorder and people with certain eye problems. Similarly, people using photosensitive drugs, including lithium, should not use them.


With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, COCOF, Ville de Bruxelles

Dr. Sun
Répondeur Automatik
(Marilyne Grimmer & Susanne Weck)
06.12.2018 – 05.01.2019

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