Remake: Another Script Proposal

Remake: Another Script Proposal 

Nicolas de Ribou met Abel Jaramillo in July 2017 at Santander where the latter presented as part of Artsantander his project El fin de una expedición (The end of an expedition). His research work on the strategies that alter and subvert the usual logic of understanding certain contexts ; his interest in the cracks of History from portraits that emerge from the margins ; and his analysis of the construction of discourse and political frictions that project themselves into the everyday, immediately caught the attention of Nicolas de Ribou. When Hypercorps give him the carte blanche, he immediately thought that the context fit to invite Abel Jaramillo. This crossing of paths of three weeks, this time of encounter was exactly what he wanted to get to know him and start a first collaboration.

Abel Jaramillo’s project takes as a starting point a script for a film never made, written between 1980 and 1987 by the French psychoanalyst and philosopher Félix Guattari: A love of UIQ. This script, for a science fiction film, narrates the contact between the human race and a subatomic entity and shows the author’s interest in rethinking the cinematographic apparatus and the political implications of cinema. Inspired by the publication and research of artists and filmmakers Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson on the unrealized science fiction script by Felix Guattari, Un Amour d’UIQ and its multiform project on this missing film, the project addresses different issues around to the idea of success and failure, clandestinity, work and survival, overflowing some of these ideas towards other references.

The first part of this project was presented from the 4th to the 18th September 2018 in the gallery Estrany – de la Mota in Barcelona under the title A script Proposal. In the context of their residency at Hypercorps, Nicolas de Ribou proposed to Abel Jaramillo a dialogue which questions this exposition. It’s about replaying, proposing there a new version, reflecting on the problems of the remake when the original material is not available. The idea is to define new strategies that kick out the logic of the witness exposition to present Remake: Another Script Proposal.

The exposition was activated on the opening night by Isaline Catteau, Camille Lemille, Patxi Endara.

Thanks to La Collection Famille Servais, Brussels
With the special support of SPAIN Arts&Culture Belgium



Photos © Hugard & Vanoverschelde


Remake: Another Script Proposal
Nicolas de Ribou, Abel Jaramillo 

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