LDC n°2


LODEWIJK HEYLEN & ELISE VAN MOURIK — 2017-ongoing — Idea, Dimensions and duration variable.
The itinerant residency La Dent Creuse – For the First Time N°2 – gathered 15 artists during 13 days on two barges moored on either side of the Brussels Canale.
Gallery onlinefor-the-first-time-2.com

Exhibition online 
LOUISE BOGHOSSIAN & ALICIA ZATON — Boy look into my eyes

With the support of :

18/09 → 04/10/2017
Louise Boghossian & Alicia Zaton – Lionel Catelan & Baptiste Tosi – Vesna Faassen, Lukas Verdijk & Adèle Jacot, Mélanie Peduzzi – Lodewijk Heylen & Elise Van Mourik – Marion Menan & Kathi Seebeck – BNA BBOT

Exhibition online

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